Properties of Cement

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Introduction Cement, a fine, grey powder, is used to make mortar or concrete when combined with water and other ingredients. It is essential for both residential and business construction. Without cement, urban infrastructure would not be possible. Connecting the building bricks, secures infrastructure and makes them last longer. For concrete, there is a requirement that…

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Types of Cement and Their Uses

Introduction Cement, a covering substance, is used to bind aggregates and reinforcing elements. Over the years, the cement industry in India has grown, thanks to technology. In the production of concrete, there are numerous types of cement used. Based on the components used to create it, each variety of cement has unique qualities, applications, and…

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Field Tests Done on Cement

Introduction Cement is an essential component of concrete as it acts as a binder and holds a structure together. Although there are cement suppliers all over the world, the cement we use for all types of construction work should undergo laboratory and field testing. Since laboratory tests are not possible if there is a shortage…

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What Makes Topcem Cement the Best Quality Cement for Your Construction Needs?

Introduction A unit of Meghalaya Cements Ltd., Topcem Cement is a best-in-class product, produced using premium raw ingredients that are local to Meghalaya, a region blessed with an abundance of mineral resources. The product is especially made to meet the difficult engineering constraints brought on by the Northeast's environment and seismic activity and is a…

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How to check the cement quality?

Introduction Cement is the most used building material while constructing a property. It’s a binding agent which hold together the sand and concrete materials in order to produce a strong & sturdy establishment. The cement is refined, properly packed and quality-checked before introducing in the market. But have you ever tried to check the quality…

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