What Makes Topcem Cement the Best Quality Cement for Your Construction Needs?


A unit of Meghalaya Cements Ltd., Topcem Cement is a best-in-class product, produced using premium raw ingredients that are local to Meghalaya, a region blessed with an abundance of mineral resources. The product is especially made to meet the difficult engineering constraints brought on by the Northeast’s environment and seismic activity and is a blend of unmatched strength and extraordinary durability, helping build sustainable structures.

Topcem Cement is manufactured from the best limestone that India has to offer. With twin multistage pre-heaters and cutting-edge dry process rotary kiln technology, the plant is fully automated with a DCS control system. Additionally, to satisfy worldwide standards and stay up with changing times, the plants and facilities undergo periodic renovations.

Why choose Topcem Cement?

Renowned as one of the top cement manufacturers in all of NE India, the foundation of Topcem’s brand identity has been product quality, customer happiness, and on-time delivery. Here’s why we are the best choice of cement for your construction needs-

  •   It is prepared with the finest qualities of Limestones available in Eastern India.
  •   It has corrosion-resistant property which Improves the durability of any kind of construction.
  •   It has a high degree of impermeability and workability​.
  •   It is resistant to cracking due to reduced alkali aggregate reaction and its low heat hydration.
  •   It has wide areas of applications.
  •   It ensures faster construction due to its quick final setting.
  •   It has high compressive strength.
  •   It has low drying shrinkage and low leaching value.
  •   Its high soundness ensures negligible expansion.


Topcem strives to produce innovative products using environmentally friendly methods. It also offers a special combination of improved workability, high compressive strength, and durability, making it the top choice of cement for finishing your dream project.

About Us

Topcem Cement, a product of Meghalaya Cements Ltd, is among the leading cement manufacturers in the entire NE India. Product quality, customer satisfaction and timely delivery have been the cornerstone of Topcem’ s brand identity. The company is currently dominating the northeastern market and dedicated to offer its customers a top-notch product and experience. Topcem thrives to deliver innovative products through sustainable practices. It ensures that the esteemed clients of MCL get factory fresh, top-quality cement that offers unmatched strength and extraordinary durability.

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