Topcem cement distributed school stationeries to children of Child Care Homes

Associates with childline Guwahati-ICCW-ASD for education initiative under CSR

Guwahati,8 November,2021: Topcem Cement distributed school stationeries to needy  children of 10 nos. of Child Care Homes in Guwahati. In a function organized today in  Guwahati, the school stationaries were handed over to Kalyani Niwas- Children Home  for Girls Rupnagar, Open Shelter Home for Boys – Ulubari, Snehalaya Paltanbazar,  Children Home for Girls, Jalukbari, Snehalaya Dhirenpara, Children Home for Boys  Fatashil, Jyoti Snehalaya Beltola, Auxillium Snehalaya, Noonmati, Illa Snehalaya, Betkuchi  and Assam Shishu Kalyan Sadan, Jalukbari by Dr. Anil Kapur, President Sales &  Marketing, Meghalaya Cements Ltd. The distribution was made in these homes  depending on the requirements of the children as put forward in a proposal by Childline. 

Officials from Childline Guwahati were present along with the representatives of all the  institutions and took part in the School stationeries distribution programme. The  initiative will provide school stationeries (which include copies, pens, pencils etc.) to  more than 400nos. of needy children of these homes so that they may be able to  develop their educational standard. This initiative will also help needy children to be  conscious towards education, get better opportunities to be educated and to contribute  in the development of the society. 

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Anil Kapur said “It is very important that the children from  all social strata receive proper amenities so that there are no hindrances in their right to  education. Keeping this concept we have taken up this initiative so that we are able to  fulfill the need of these underprivileged children “ 

India’s literacy rate in 2021 was reported to be 74.04 P.C., and although on a steady rise  every year since Independence when it stood at a mere 12 P.C, there is still a long way to  go with India having largest population of illiterate adults of all countries, more than a  third of the world’s total number of illiterates. This is so because millions of people in  India are dealing with their poverty stricken condition which restricts them to have even  the basic education. Moreover, those who are able to go to school often avoid schooling  frequently because they cannot afford the materials required for education. 

The initiative by Topcem Cement is a part of the welfare services undertaken for the  needy people of the Society. Through this initiative, Topcem Cement is hoping to set in  motion the educational journey of these deprived children. 

CHILDLINE 1098 is a national, 24 hours, toll free phone service for the children in need of  care & protection. It was started in Guwahati city on 10th February, 2001. CHILDLINE  Guwahati/ICCW-ASB intervenes in all situations and provides the necessary emergency  assistance to children and also connects them to relevant services for their long term  care and rehabilitation. It associates with all the Child Care Homes in Kamrup Metro.