Process & Technology

TOPCEM is produced with the finest raw materials available in Meghalaya, the state endowed with rich minerals. The required raw materials extracted from limestone rocks and crushed mechanically. These naturally occurring minerals are then fine grinded through a milling process. At this stage, additional minerals are being added to ensure the correct chemical composition for making cement. Milling produces a fine powder, know as raw meal, which is preheated and then sent to the kiln for further processing. The kiln is at the heart of the manufacturing process. Once inside the kiln, the raw meal is heated to around 1500 degree C. At this temperature, chemical reactions take place to form cement clinker, which contains hydraulic calcium silicates. Clinker along with gypsum is then grinded together as a fine powder called Cement.

At Topcem we have a state of the art plant, a double string pre heater building along with a single Kiln to produce 1 MTPA clinker. By using superior technology and energy efficient equipments we intend to reduce carbon foot print for a greener, cleaner and safe world.


The best in the North East