How to check the cement quality?

cement quality


Cement is the most used building material while constructing a property. It’s a binding agent which hold together the sand and concrete materials in order to produce a strong & sturdy establishment. The cement is refined, properly packed and quality-checked before introducing in the market. But have you ever tried to check the quality of the building material by your own? There are some theories around the checking of cement but all are limited to lab test only. However, to meet the curiosity of the public there are some preliminary site tests, which gives a generic idea regarding the quality of the cement. 

So, let’s visit the site to understand the quality of cement which we use in the construction of our establishment.

1. Manufacturing Date

It is believed that, with the passage of time, cement started losing its strength hence it is better to retest the IS certified cement if it is stored for more than 3 months. Besides this it is also necessary to check the manufacturing date as well as the date of packaging to further ensure the strength and durability of the cement which you are planning to use in your home construction.

2. Avoid Lumps

When the binding agent comes in contact with the moisture present in our environment, it goes through a chemical reaction which starts forming lumps. Consequently, it reduces the strength of the cement due to the presence of moisture and the cement becomes useless.

3. Rubbing test

In case you are planning to take the rub test in order to check the quality of the cement then take a pinch of cement in your palm and rub it between your fingers. If you observe any roughness or sand particles in the cement then it may be considered that certainly something sub-standard material is mixed in it. And, if it is smooth and you can feel the flatness and stillness, then it is a perfect cement for your constructional needs.

4. Float Test

It is really interesting to know how after coming in contact with moisture can damage the cement. On the other hand, if you want to check the quality of a cement, just take a handful of cement in your hand and throw it in water. if it sinks, certainly a good quality cement has been brought.

5. Hand Positioning

Have you ever inserted your hand inside the cement bag? If not, then do try in order to understand the quality of the cement. If you find it cool, it means no chemical reaction (hydration) has taken place and the cement is good to use.


In view of the checks as discussed above, we can say that these simple methods do help us a lot while understanding the quality of the cement. As of now we contain sufficient knowledge about the subject which would definitely be beneficial in the long run.

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