Field Tests Done on Cement

Field Tests


Cement is an essential component of concrete as it acts as a binder and holds a structure together. Although there are cement suppliers all over the world, the cement we use for all types of construction work should undergo laboratory and field testing. Since laboratory tests are not possible if there is a shortage of time, field tests are performed on construction sites to determine the quality of the cement meant to be used.

Now, let’s take a look at the field tests that are conducted for the said purpose-

  • Adulteration Test:

Take a small amount of cement and rub it between the fingers. It should give a smooth feeling and not a gritty one.

  • Color of Cement:

Check the cement by opening the bag and examining it. It should be a uniform shade of greenish grey.

  • Float Test:

Grab a sample of the cement and drop it into a bucket full of water; it should float there for a while before sinking.

  • Presence of Lumps:

There shouldn’t be any lumps of cement visible when you open the bag and inspect the contents. If you find so, reject the bag of cement.

  • Temperature Test:

Your hand should feel calm when you place it inside a bag of cement.

  • Date of Packing:

It is important to confirm the cement’s manufacturing date, and typically it should be utilized within 90 days of the date of manufacture.

Note: When cement needs to be stored for an extended period of time, hydrophobic cement might be utilized. Generally, it is used at ports and dam sites.

  • Setting Time:

A thick cement and water paste is produced on a piece of glass, and it is submerged in water for 24 hours. It ought to harden and not break.

  • Strength Test:

The following methods can be used to determine cement’s strength roughly:

With a thin or weak mortar, briquettes ranging in size from 75mm to 25mm to 12mm, are created, and sand and cement may be mixed in a ratio of 1:6. Then, for three days, the briquettes are submerged in water. Such briquettes won’t break quickly and won’t be simple to turn into powder if the cement is of a good grade.


As cement is an extremely important part of construction, hence knowing about its quality is necessary. As a part of it, it’s important that field tests be performed on construction sites to ensure that the structure that is about to get built has extraordinary strength and longevity.

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