Green Policy

MCL is committed to continual improvement of its environmental performance. Specific environmental responsibilities are allocated to trained industries and expert in the field. MCL strongly believes that trees are natural soldiers in fight against global warming. MCL undertakes to plant nearly 7000 saplings every year of local species along the national highways, state highways as well as well as mining lease boundary of the plants.

Environmental norms prescribed by the Central and State Governments are strictly observed in the design, construction and operation of all facilities of the company. Technology that ensures energy saving, economical, environment safeguards, recycling of resources and utilization old wastes are adopted for all facilities in MCL. Spreading the green concept has been part and parcel of Topcem’s policy. Every information communicated through advertisement campaigns and activities done towards the society, the green factor is kept in the domain. In the past also Topcem has undertaken many green plantation programme throughout NE. The company has also undertaken a vigorous campaign to save the endangered species of the region.


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