Products of Meghalaya Cements are marketed under the brand name TOPCEM Cement. The Company has been granted license by BIS and ISI Mark to produce the following products.
53 Grade OPC IS No. 12269:1987 vide License No. CM/L5265465
43 Grade OPC IS No. 8112:1989 vide License No. CM/L5265364
PPC (Fly ash based) IS No. 1489 (Part I) vide License No. CM/L5265463
PPC (Calcined Clay based)
53S Grade OPC
Advantage TOPCEM Cement
Made out of richest quality Limestone available in Eastern India
Low Heat Hydration resulting in resistance to cracking
Resistance to corrosive of water and chemical attacks thereby longer life to steel reinforcement
Shorter final setting time that ensures faster construction
Higher degree of impermeability and workability of concrete mix
High compressive strength
Higher degree of fineness resulting in
Complete chemical reaction
Easy workability
Increased plasticity
Reduced Alkali aggregate reaction thereby resistance to cracking
Lower dyeing shrinkage and low leaching value
Improves durability of construction
High soundness ensuring negligible expansion
Lower water requirement with high fluidity, self-leveling, self-compression
Wide application areas
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